We at UniMall have created a retail-based partnership with some of the largest and most prestigious sites on the web. Always creating new relationships with webmasters is something we love to do. We offer over 25,000 products, giving you a massive 25% commission on every sale.

UniMall will provide you with a large selection of banners, buttons, tips etc. etc…

We have a LightningFast delivery system that is one of the best in Europe. Our customer service is also on of the best.

With over 25,000 products, we are Europe's Leading Fulfillment Company with new products and titles being added every day.

Detailed Commission Report

UniMall webmasters can check who, when, what and how much each customer purchases for their store

Customized Invoice

The invoice that UniMall send to the customer will have your store name on it so that they can return to your store.

Customized Shop Pages

You can decide exactly which titles and toys you want to display on your Home Page. You can change this as often as you like. You can also choose what is displayed on the DVD main page, VHS main page and the Adult Toys main page. The Top 10 selection on DVD, VHS and Toys can be set to sales related, stock related of you can choose what to show on the Top 10 selections.

Email Newsletter

UniMall allows you to create and send an email newsletter to all your customers who wish to receive one. A great tool for marketing

LightningFAST Shipping

UniMall is one of the fastest shippers in Europe. Most orders are shipped the same day, usually within hours of the order-taking place. We ship 7 days a week. Orders are shipped in plain packaging to ensure a discreet service.

Detailed Statistics

UniMall also provide you with a detailed statistics program in which you will be able to see how many visitors you have had in a day, week or even the month. Which country they came from, duration of their visit and lots more can also be seen.

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