1. How Much money can I earn?

There is no limit, you can earn as much as you like. The more traffic and sales that go through your site the more you can earn.

2. How do I get paid and when?

We will wire your money direct to your bank account that we have on file. We do have a minimum payment amount of £50. If your commission is less than £50 we will carry forward any commission accrued until such time that the £50 minimum amount is met. Payments will be sent approximately around the 15th of the month from the sales from the prior month.

3. How much have I earned this month?

You can log on to your UniMall admin office and you can see a detailed summery of all your sales. You can view them by day, month or year.

4. Can I send an email newsletter to my customers?

Yes, you can create and send a newsletter form the UniMall admin office.

5. Can I choose which title to show on my Home Page?

Yes, from your UniMall admin office you can change the products and titles on your Home Page as often as you like. You can also change them in the DVD page, VHS page and the Adult Toy page. The top 10 sections can also be changed manually.

6. Can I have a direct link?

You can have as many direct links to any product(s) as you like.

7. How many products can I choose?

As many as you like we have over 20,000 products.

8. Can I see my customers name & address?

You will be able to see the customers name, address and email address.

9. Is there an affiliate help line or email?

Yes, we have both, but email is always better and much quicker.

10. Can I just have a Gay Site?

Yes, you can have a site to include or exclude any genre.

11. What about adult toys?

Your site can have Adult Dvds, Adult Videos, Adult Toys or Adult VOD. You can include or exclude any of there products.


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